Thursday, 10 May 2012

Waste not, want not

When we embarked on this great adventure with our first round of pigs, we asked around to see if any local greengrocers would give us their spoils. Unfortunately, they were all already being well used by other local chicken and pig owners.  Recently a new greengrocers has appeared in our local town and Fen asked them last week if we could have some spoils, they told her to come back every other day and they would save us a boxful! So far we have had about 10kg of so called 'spoils' in under a week. Lucky pigs!

Today they have had 6 punnets of strawberrys, 1 kg of apples and oranges! We are so appreciative of the spoils, its great that we have something other than pig nuts to feed the girls. 
However, I have been considering the spoils and it shows the need and drive of us, the consumers in the standards we expect of our food when we buy it off of the shelf.  Some of the things especially the apples, literally have a small mark or a small bruise, but we as consumer expect perfection not imperfection. What about the taste? Did we loose the need for taste in our insatiable drive for regiment?

This is the pigs bounty for tomorrow......

Lucky girls hey?!? 

Tucking into melons!