Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mayhem, measurements and momentus decisions!!!

We have an escapee! The darker ginger has decided that the grass is greener on the otherside and yesterday escaped........many times! The electric fence wasn't working properly and she took her opportunity to squeeze through a tiny gap in the far corner.  However, everytime she escaped she waited by the fence to be let back in! After a few tweaks of the fencing the girls are secure and happy in their enclosure once again.

We have watched the girls getting bigger and bigger. Our original calculations thought they would see well in to late September, when the windfall apples arrive and the acorns.  However, the wet weather means that the harvest of windfalls looks poor and the acorns are yet to develop on either of the old oaks that dapple the enclosure. So today we decided to measure them.  There is a simple calculation that give you a rough indciation of a pigs weight.

Girth measurement in inches x Girth measurement in inches x Length measurement in inches

multiply by 400

divided by 2.2

= approximate weight in kilos of your pig.

Anything over 65 kilos is slaughter weight.

Measure tape in hand whilst being fed I recorded the following:

Lighter Oxford Sandy weighs 82kg
Darker Oxford Sandy weighs 84kg
Gloucester Old Spot weighs 113kg!!!!!!

Our escapee having a drink after her exertions!
So D day is closer than we anticpated and the decision has been made that they will go off to slaughter on 1 September.

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  1. Proof in the pudding that you feed all of your friends far too well,and I do mean all of them! :) xx