Thursday, 5 April 2012

And the gloves are's every women for herself!

With our first pigs, we bought them from the same breeder, so they were in the same pen when I collected them. However, this new herd are from 2 different farms. The first time the Oxford Sandy's met the Gloucester Old Spot was in their new home. In hindsight we should have seperated them by a fence for a few days, but hindsight is a great thing!

Poor Spotty Mark II. She has been through the mill these past few days. 6 rounds with Tyson and Mohammed combined. Hey, perhaps we have our new 'names' for the rulers of the sty, that are the Oxford Sandy and Blacks. Pigs will establish a natural pecking order and my have those girls made sure they were the rulers.

I am hoping harmony establishes itself soon and poor old Spotty is accepted into the herd soon.

On the plus side, they are all starting to allow us to stroke them, Which at this age, when the piglets are so small, is such a lovely thing for the children.

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