Friday, 20 April 2012

This little piggy liked roast beef. This little piggy was very fussy!

Well we are one month in and the piglets have settled there turf war and we are happy smallholders! 

It is amazing how quickly the piglets grow and how they acclimatise to their new surroundings and bed mates. 

They have had lots of visitors over this past month.....well they are very cute at the moment, so its nice to show them off and the kids love it!

Helen introducing baby Iris to the piglets (11 weeks)

Archie feeding the piglets (12 weeks)

Devon and Olly showing the pigs off to Louis

We have also learnt a lot in the past month. Lessons for our next piglets -

  1. Ensure the electric wire is at a lower height than the piglet - otherwise they escape!
  2. Give them a smaller area when they first arrive - otherwise they poo everywhere including in the ark!
  3. Don't worry about bullying - they sort it out between themselves.

This past week had been very wet and I am secretly pleased it wasn't my week to feed!  We work on a 3 week rota and poor Alan and Helen were on duty this past week, which has been a complete washout. Amazingly the week after the hosepipe ban came into force! Oh well its good for the garden.....

Talking of gardens. We have our own 'allotment' style patch at the end of our garden and this week I have managed to plant all my potatoes, onions, shallots. I also have a massive amount of seedlings coming on in the greenhouse. Fingers crossed for a good harvest later in the year.

Soppy as I am, I am also growing crops for the pigs to gorge on.  Kale and spinach. However we have noticed that these piglets are terribly fussy and don't like green vegetables! Apples and strawberries yes. Cucumber, cauliflower and spinach a big fat NO! You are thinking spoilt piglets!  Definitely!

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  1. They are so cute Em (as are the children obviously!)... Only you could grow lovely things for them as well! xxx