Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sickly little piglet......

On Thursday afternoon Fen reported that the Old Spot was completely off her food.....we knew this wasn't a good sign. A pig that doesn't eat it's main stay protein is obviously not right. There is a reason for the saying 'As greedy as a pig'. Especially Old Spot, she is the greediest of them all. 

After monitoring her for 12 hours, we were discussing calling out to the vet.  A day later and she still wasn't eating the new food. I did the fatal thing of looking online. Never, ever self diagnose anything or anyone online.  You will believe it is something so serious, you think that you or the said pig is about to die any second!

However, we also realised that we had changed the type of food the girls are receiving. They have moved on from weaner pellets to grower pellets.  We decided to give her an apple and some bread (they are a particular favourite of old spot). Surprise, surprise she wolfed them down!  

Luckily this morning she has returned to her normal, greedy self. Therefore, diagnosis confirmed as FUSSY LITTLE MADAM! 
We are very lucky to have the constant reference support of Clare and Robin at Oaklands Pigs, (where Fen and I did our Pig Keeping course). It has proved invaluable, not only to attend the course, but the support and advice they are very happy to give you during situations such as this.  Thank you very much.

On a side note, the bluebells are out on mass at the moment. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful woodland in West Sussex. Here are a couple if pictures of the bluebells in the woods just adjacent to where the pigs live. Simply stunning.

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