Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The story so far........

This is the second round of pigs for us as the Boundary Pig keepers and so I have decided to keep a blog.

Fen, Alan, Grant and Larry (the dog)

Fen, Alan, Emma and Larry (the dog)

We are three families, who love animals and like good food, but like to know where it comes from and that it's had a good life.
In September, Fen and I went on a pig keeping course with Oaklands Pigs, East Sussex and came home the proud owners of 3 weaners.  Now one thing we were told was never ever under any circumstances to name them and we didn't, however they naturally acquired their names...........Spotty, Snouty and Big Ginger.

After 5 very enjoyable months a heart rendering decision to send our not so little piggies to the slaughter house. It was a very hard decision, but on 13th February, we, as a collective sent them off to meet their maker. Grant (my husband) even accompanied Spotty, Snouty and Big Ginger to the abbatior to firstly make sure they were ok, but to retrieve some blood, to make black pudding.
Three little pigs and Devon (our daughter)

The pigs at 7 months old and 100kg each
And that is where the pork fest started.  225 kilos of meat later, 3 full freezers and a real knowledge of where every cut of meat comes from on a pig....hams, sausages, black pudding, ribs, belly, loins, spare rib, bacon...............

So on Saturday we collected our 3 weaners gilts (girls). They are a 9 week old Gloucester Old Spot and two 8 week old Oxford Sandy and Blacks. So cute and sweet. Just adorable. And so the journey starts again...............
The three new piglets


  1. Welcome new piggies! So pleased you are finally blogging Em... Looking forward to the journey! Em xxx

    1. Thanks Em. It is you who has inspired me to do this! xxx